How to Get a Copy of Your Cosmetologist License

A copy of your current license is mandatory if you want to work in a salon.
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Cosmetologists are required to have a valid license to perform their services legally. Cosmetology licenses are issued by the state in which you are a resident and must be valid in the state in which you practice your craft. If you misplaced your license or it was damaged, or you work in more than one location and need a copy for each salon, you can obtain what you need with a basic online or print application and a small fee.

    Step 1

    Visit your local state board of licensing or department of consumer affairs online. Each state has a licensing board that oversees the application, issuance and maintenance of licenses for businesses and professions. Locate the section of the licensing board that deals with license copy requests for cosmetologists and follow the instructions to obtain a renewal form. Cosmetology is typically linked with barbering and will often fall under the same header. If you cannot locate the cosmetology section, select the barbering section instead.

    Step 2

    Print the license request form if your state does not offer an online copy request process. Complete the form according to the instructions at its top. The data you will need to supply varies from one state to the next, but you will often need your license numbers, full name, business and personal addresses. Submit the form by mail along with a check or money order for the applicable fee.

    Step 3

    Complete the online cosmetology license copy request process if your state allows. The online form requires the same information as a mail-in form, but must be paid with a credit or debit card. There is often an extra charge attached to the process to account for the percentage taken by your bank or credit card company for the service. A copy of your license will be sent to you by mail.


    • Some states offer online license search features which allow you to look up your own license or any other cosmetologist in the state.


    • You may not be able to obtain a copy of your cosmetology license if there have been any disciplinary actions taken against you by the licensing board or if there are any fees or fines which you have not yet paid in full. Your request will be denied until you remedy the situation.

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