Things You Can Do With a Journeyman's License

Electricians and plumbers with their journeyman license have more career options and freedom.
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Plumbers and electricians who complete an apprenticeship, or have comprehensive hands-on experience, are eligible for a journeyman's license. A written exam or evidence you have complete the license requirements is necessary to earning the journeyman title. After you earn your license, you have an opportunity to find higher-paying jobs or to branch out solo as an independent contractor.


    Plumbers and electricians with a journeyman's license can work independently running their own business. Self-employment allows plumbers and electricians to take on residential or business clients of their choice. They are in charge of their business and perform the necessary networking, advertising, cold-calling and online job postings to find clients.

Independent Contractor

    Journeyman can choose to work as independent contractors for several companies. Independent contractors differ from self-employment in that the self-employed run their own business and contractors work through a seperate company. This kind of work often takes a considerable amount of travel, which may last for as little as a week or as long as six months depending on the contract. Journeymen often find work from employment agencies that hire for short-term assignments.

Journeyman Electricians

    Journeyman electricians install wiring and equipment, such as control circuits and adjustable switches. Electricians with a journeyman license are trained to estimate wiring and equipment installations by reviewing blueprints. They also provide estimations for updating older equipment and circuits. They may run their own business, work independently or function as an unsupervised employee.

Journeyman Plumbers

    Plumbers with a journeyman license are trained to make installations and repairs. They also learn how to build systems and install them by reading blueprints. Maintaining water and sewer lines and pumps are tasks usually accomplished by journeyman plumbers. Like journeyman electricians, they may also work independently or for a company.

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