How to Become a State Nursing Home Inspector

Nursing home inspectors must meet the requirements of their state.
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Nursing homes are licensed by the state. In order to maintain their licensing status, they must pass regular inspections by state inspectors. The exact requirements for state nursing home inspectors vary from state to state, but the overall process is similar across the country. To ensure compliance by the nursing home to state standards, state inspections are conducted randomly. The inspectors must have a thorough understanding of the specific regulations for nursing homes in their state, as well as appropriate education and work experience.

    Step 1

    Obtain a nursing degree. Although some states will accept an LVN degree, most states prefer an RN degree.

    Step 2

    Work in a nursing home. All states require a minimum period of time working at a nursing home before taking a job as an inspector. Consult with your state to determine the amount of time required in your state. Indiana, for example, requires a year of working in a nursing home, but most states prefer two years or longer.

    Step 3

    Try to get promoted to management at the nursing home. Many states have a preference for nursing home managers as state inspectors.

    Step 4

    Apply for nursing home inspector positions with your state. Be prepared to document your education and experience.


    • Nursing home inspectors are called different things in different states. You might find it called a long term care inspector or nurse surveyor.

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