How to Write a Singer's Resume

Demonstrate your experience as both a singer and a responsible employee.
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As a singer, you have to demonstrate to a potential employer both your vocal skill and your ability to respond to the sometimes harsh demands of performance. Music is very competitive and you have only a short span of a recruiter's time in the resume and audition. Tailor your resume to a specific job to best accent the skills that will make you stand out.

    Step 1

    Place your full name and contact information -- including mailing address, phone number and personal email -- at the top of your resume. The best resume in the world isn't worth anything if you can't be contacted.

    Step 2

    Open with a statement of your preeminent skills and career objective within the context of the specific position you are applying for. The reader is most concerned with finding outstanding talent for his purpose. Emphasize your experience and your biggest accomplishments as a vocalist relative to the performance type you are applying for, such as recording, theater or a club performance.

    Step 3

    Summarize your education and the musical or vocal honors you received at the institution. List your degree, specialization and date of graduation, listing your most recent degree first if you have more than one.

    Step 4

    Itemize under Professional Experience the vocal performance positions you have held. If space is limited, choose those that are most recent or most relevant to the job you are applying for. Focus on specific deliverables, such as songs recorded, performances given, audience drawn and awards or recognition received both for yourself and the production.

    Step 5

    Create an Awards and Honors section for any recognition you have received that is not associated with a specific position you have held. This is the appropriate space to state non-musical honors received during your education.

    Step 6

    Obtain permission and list the full name, position, relationship and contact information of one to four professional references who can speak about your vocal performance skills.


    • Provide the address of your promotional website, if you have one, after your summary statement.

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