How to Make a Preschool Teacher Resume

A preschool teacher should make learning fun.
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Working in the field of early childhood education is a huge responsibility. As a preschool teacher, you have the ability to influence a young child during one of the most critical learning periods of his life. When an employer is seeking to hire a preschool teacher, she's looking for certain skills and qualifications, as well as a level of professionalism. By designing your resume the right way, a perspective employer can see the value you'll bring to the position within seconds.

    Step 1

    Add a header to the top of your resume. The header should include your name, address and contact information. When formatting the header, make sure you name stands out by putting it in a font that's bold and a bit larger than the rest of the resume.

    Step 2

    Include an “Objective” statement that expresses your desire to gain employment as a preschool teacher. If you have experience as a preschool teacher briefly mention it in the objective statement. You might state, “Looking to use my 10 years' experience as a Preschool Teacher to encourage young children to learn and develop in a stimulating and caring environment."

    Step 3

    Create a “Skills” section. You should list only the skills that are relevant to teaching preschool. Examples of appropriate skills to list include classroom management, role playing, student assessment, parent-teacher communication, curriculum planning and student motivation.

    Step 4

    Include a “Professional Experience” section to list your employment history. When listing employment history, list the most relevant experience first. Include the name of the employer, location and dates of employment. For school teaching experience, include the grade levels you've taught.

    Step 5

    List your job duties as accomplishment statements. Position these accomplishment statements underneath each employment listing. Be specific when listing your accomplishments to let potential employers know exactly what your responsibilities were. Examples of accomplishment statements include “Observed and evaluated the performance of 20 preschoolers on a daily basis,” “Created and organized activities to promote learning and social development,” and “Developed creative ways to successfully teach number and letter recognition."

    Step 6

    Create an “Education” section to add your educational background. Don't just list your high school diploma and/or college degrees. List any special training or certification you might have that relate to early childhood development and preschool teaching.

    Step 7

    Include a section for "Additional Skills" if you have any applicable skills that you haven't already mentioned. These might include being CPR certified or speaking several languages.

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