How to Write Computer Experience on a Resume

Computer experience is a soft skill that needs to be on your resume.
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Computer experience and skills are sought by most employers. Demonstrate computer literacy by including it on your resume. The skill is worth mentioning in three places; your profile, as job-specific experience and in a separate skills section. Exactly where you position computer skills on a resume will depend on the job you are applying for and the availability of space on your resume. You may even include your computer experience in all three places if the job calls for it.

    Step 1

    Write a summary or highlight of your qualifications in the first section of your resume instead of an objective. Highlight your accomplishments and include your computer skills here, especially if you know your employer will be looking for these skills. Emphasize specific computer skills you have.

    Step 2

    Brand yourself by listing any computer experience or skill-related accomplishments you gained for each job or experience listed on your resume. This consistent emphasis on computer skills shows an employer that you are accomplished in this area. Only list skills that are relevant to the new employer. List skills using action verbs and include the specific computer programs and applications you used and the level of use.

    Step 3

    Write a section at the end of your resume labeled computer skills and certifications. Include computer applications, programs and certifications you have, and include your expertise level. For example, if you are skilled with Microsoft Office, give an expertise level of intermediate or advanced. As an alternative, you can list the number of years you have worked with a given program. For a technical job that requires specific computer skills or certification, list this section first in place of a summary.

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