How to Write a Resume for a Job in Hair Design

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It's been years since you gave all the dolls in your neighborhood cute bob cuts and fashionable streaks with your markers, but only weeks since you finished beauty school. It's time to write your resume to obtain a coveted chair at a high-end salon, or begin making your mark as a freelance hair stylist to the stars. Your eye-catching cosmetology resume should highlight your education and creatively detail your experience with clear, concise writing.

The Heading

Position your name, address, phone number and professional-sounding email address at the top center of your resume. Include a phone number where you can be reached during the day. Include a social media or personal site only if it relates solely to your cosmetology experience. Skip a couple spaces and write a clear, detailed job objective with relevant qualifications included. For example, state your desire to work in an upscale salon specializing in chemical treatments, and include the fact that you have experience performing successful color correction treatments.

List Jobs

List any cosmetology internships, apprenticeships and previous hair experience or employment. State the companies you've worked for, the job titles and dates worked. Include anything cosmetology related -- even your stint doing makeup at a department store counter or painting nails for little girl's parties. If you've held previous jobs at a hair salon, whether as the shop keeper or as an assistant giving blowouts to other hair designer's clients, list it. Don't underestimate what keeping the front desk running smoothly at a bustling salon says about your personality and work ethic.

Explain Skills and Experience

Underneath each job or internship you held, state your job duties. If you assisted a stylist while becoming credentialed, give examples of the kind of treatments you provided and explain what you learned. Think carefully about the skills that separate you from the other hair designers vying for the same spot. Describe all related cosmetology duties, such as shampooing clients' hair, mixing color and multitasking as you greeted clients, swept the floor and fielded stylist phone calls. Don't forget to list related experience, such as working at a beauty supply store or on the showroom floor at a hair design conference. This section is best written in a bullet-point format.

Schooling and Degrees

Put your state license or your license number on your resume; include the school you attended and your graduation date. Include the date you passed the state's cosmetology exam. You can also make a copy of your graduation certificate and include it with your resume. Keep in mind that salon owners cannot legally hire you without proof of these documents. In addition, add any specialized classes you've taken or beauty school achievements. It's also a good idea to list relevant hair seminars you've recently attended or professional organizations you joined.

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