Job Responsibilities of a Fashion Editor

Fashion editors work long hours and many evenings and weekends.
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While in the past male editors controlled the news and magazine industries, in the early 21st century, women have gained major ground in reaching top editor positions, especially in the fashion industry. According to a Forbes article, as of 2012, eight of the most powerful and influential fashion publications have female editors-in-chief, including Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. With its glitz and glamour, the fashion industry appeals to both male and female fashionistas who aspire to the position of fashion editor. The position, however, requires more than a keen fashion sense, as editors must fulfill a variety of fashion and non-fashion related duties.

Types of Editors

    Fashion editors run the show at a fashion publication and typically hold mid- to high-level management positions at magazines, newspapers and websites. A fashion editor also works for television shows. The fashion editor's exact responsibilities vary depending on her job level and exact job title. Editors-in-chief, who oversee the entire publication, assume the most responsibility, followed by managing editors, senior editors and associate editors. Many fashion publications consist of various departments and hire an editor, who bears the title of fashion editor, to oversee each of those areas, which include clothing, accessories, makeup, travel and beauty.


    No matter the job title, whether it be editor-in-chief, managing editor or editor of a specific department, the fashion editor assists with planning each issue, show or web page. Working with each department's editor, the editor-in-chief and managing editors come up with themes, layouts and story ideas for each section. The fashion editor brings her creative ideas to life in the magazine by setting up photo shoots to create the visuals for the magazine. Fulfilling that vision also includes finding models, hiring a photographer, picking a location and choosing outfits and accessories. Additionally, a fashion editor assigns stories to staff writers or brings in freelance writers to complete the articles and works with the advertising staff to choose appropriate advertising for her section.


    A fashion editor also wears other hats, including fulfilling management duties. She leads and oversees a staff, who assist her in putting together the publication or show. The editor provides direction to the writers, and may also assist with interviewing sources, developing copy and editing stories. With the photography staff, she gives them her vision and offers insight on the type of photos she would like to see for the publication. Additionally, the editor works hand-in-hand with the clothing stylists, securing different articles of clothing and accessories and helping them assemble outfits. The fashion editor also gets to shop as part of her job, assisting with scouting out new makeup, beauty supplies and other fashion-related products for each issue.


    Along with planning and management duties, many fashion editors also fulfill other enjoyable administrative duties, such as attending meetings with designers and attending fashion shows. The fashion editor flexes her creative muscles and visits retail stores, specialty boutiques and other clothing stores to hunt down the latest fashion trends and fads. All of the editors of a publication meet regularly to update each other and make sure that everyone is up-to-date on the latest trends and each department is in sync.

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