Work Duties for an Esthetician

Estheticians perform treatments to rejuvenate the skin.
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Estheticians are skincare specialists who perform various treatments to improve the quality and appearance of their clients' skin. They help instill a positive self image in their clients by enhancing their outward appearance. From performing chemical peels to removing unwanted facial hair, your work as an esthetician will be diverse and dependent on the needs of your clients.

Evaluating Clients' Skin

    A huge part of your job will be evaluating the condition of your clients' skin and determining an effective course of treatment. Whether you're working with acne or fine lines and wrinkles, a thorough evaluation is necessary to figure out what types of products or treatments your client needs to look her best. You will examine her skin, discuss her concerns and work together developing a treatment plan to improve her skin quality.

Providing Hair Removal Services

    Many women suffer from unwanted facial hair, and as an esthetician you have the ability to restore their confidence by removing those finicky follicles. Waxing treatments and laser hair removal may both make an appearance in your treatment plans.

Performing Cleanings and Peels

    Some of your clients' ailments can be alleviated by a nice, deep cleanse using high-quality skincare products, such as washes, toners, lotions and scrubs. Other conditions may be improved by a tougher course of action, such as chemical peels. Your job as an esthetician will have you performing both methods of treatment as needed. You may tackle fine lines with a tightening mask or kick blackheads to the curb by performing simple pore extractions.

Educating Clients About Skincare

    As an esthetician you aren't just a skincare specialist; you are also an educator. Your clients will rely on you to teach them how to properly care for their skin. You may demonstrate cleansing techniques and recommend specific products for clients to add to their daily skincare routines. In some cases, clients have needs that are out of your area of expertise or comfort level, so you might refer them to a dermatologist for further treatment.

Selling Skincare Products

    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, many estheticians sell skincare products in addition to providing skincare services. You might stock up on various lotions and creams to sell to your clients so they can keep their skin looking fresh until their next appointment.

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