Will You Lose Weight From Running on a Treadmill for Two Hours a Day?

Running on a treadmill every day will likely help you lose fat.
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People who lose weight successfully are able to prevent the weight from coming back by regularly exercising and maintaining a healthy diet. Running on a treadmill is an effective way to burn the calories so you eventually you lose weight. If you run 3 hours a week, you'll burn several hundred calories, which will help you lose weight gradually.

Losing Fat

Losing fat is the result of burning calories, which you can achieve through an endless list of types of activities. Although your body is constantly burning calories, when you perform a vigorous activity, such as running on a treadmill, you can burn calories at a rapid pace. Losing 1 pound of fat requires you to burn 3,500 more calories than what you take in through drinks and food. Although your recommended daily caloric intake depends on your age and level of activity, women should typically consume around 2,000 calories, while men should consume 2,500.

Calories Burned

During any type of activity, including running on a treadmill, you'll burn more calories if you run faster and longer, and heavier people burn calories faster than lighter people. If you weigh 185 pounds and run at a rate of 5 miles an hour for thirty minutes, you'll burn 355 calories. If you run at a rate of 6 miles per hour for half an hour, you'll burn 444 calories.


If you weigh 185 pounds, run on the treadmill for 30 minutes daily at 6 miles per hour and exercise 6 days a week, you'll burn 2,664 calories. Daily treadmill workouts of this length should put you well on your way to losing fat, provided you don't consume meals and snacks that are high in calories and fat. After two weeks, you will have a calorie deficit that will lead to approximately 1.5 pounds of weight loss.

Considerations and Caution

Two hours of running on a treadmill each day, unless you're an elite athlete training for a specific sporting event, might be excessive. The appropriate amount of time you should run daily depends on your overall level of fitness, but a half an hour to one hour is usually reasonable for people. Remember it's best to take a couple of rest days each week to allow your muscles to heal. Pushing yourself too hard can result in muscle injury. The best approach is to see what's right for you. As with any type of exercise, consult a doctor before beginning.

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