The Best Ways to Strengthen Your Hands for Boxing

Using your hands to box can be dangerous if they are not well protected with boxing gloves.
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Boxing is a great way for a busy woman like you to stay in shape. There's nothing like spending time pounding a bag to lessen stress, increase energy and allow a hard day to fade away. Your hands are your main weapons in boxing and need to be treated with care to prevent injuries. Proper equipment, good form and the proper exercises are the best way to strengthen your hands to stay in top shape for this challenging, yet fun, exercise regimen.


    One of the best ways to strengthen your hands is to use the right equipment every time you train. Learn how to wrap your hands using long cloth wraps designed for boxers. Start from the outside and work your way around each of your fingers, wrap your hands and wrists tightly yet comfortably, and close with Velcro. Wear the correct size boxing gloves that fit your hands over your wraps. When you punch a bag, or an opponent, wearing the correct equipment will help your hands begin to grow stronger with a reduced risk of injuries. This means that you can train more often without needing as much time to recover, which leads to strong hands and arms.

Hand Exercises

    Hand exercises might seem strange, but they can help you become a good boxer with strong hands more quickly. You can find a hand gripper exercise tool at most sporting goods stores. Squeeze it at least one time per day with each hand for a period of five to 10 minutes. This exercise can help you relieve stress, so bring the gripper to work with you to multitask. You can also pour dry, uncooked rice into a container and reach into it, grasping the rice and squeezing it with your fists. This hand exercise can be done one time per day for approximately five minutes per hand.

Full-Body Exercises

    There are many exercises that can help you strengthen your hands that also work out other parts of your body. Climbing a rope is a great excise for increasing hand strength. Think back to your childhood gymnasium, and you get the idea. Attach a rope to a stationary object that can support your weight and practice climbing. Lifting heavy objects or swinging a sledgehammer or ax are also good workouts for your hands that can be done with equipment that you probably already have at home. Try doing pushups with your fingertips or fists for another exercise that improves hand strength and conditions your upper body.

Other Tips

    Proper punching form is important to hand strengthening, so take your time to learn it when you are just starting out. Working with a qualified trainer of boxing coach will ensure you are using proper form. Punch straight toward your target with your hands, landing punches with the full front of your fist instead of your knuckles or the sides of your hands. Practice on a heavy bag before you begin to fight opponents. The impact of the bag on your hands, particularly when you are using proper form, will help to make them stronger by a small degree every time you work out.

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