How to Exercise With Hand Grips

Hand grippers can stengthen your grip.
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Strengthening your grip might not come to mind in the gym, but if it's weak, you might as well use your hand to wave goodbye to the job, because a weak handshake signals low self-esteem and indecisiveness. There's no excuse not to strengthen your grip, because it's easily done with hand grippers while standing, sitting, or lying down, or while watching television or chitchatting on the phone.

Step 1

Place a hand gripper on the palm of your right hand, wrap your index, middle, ring and little finger over the nearest handle and wrap your thumb over the other handle. Imagine you're holding a one-hole puncher or stapler in your hand. If you're new to using hand grippers, use light resistance. As your grip gets stronger, gradually increase the resistance.

Step 2

Pull your fingers toward the palm of your hand to bring the handles together and fully close the gripper. Exhale during this motion, really tighten your grip and don't move your arm or upper body -- move only your hand.

Step 3

Pause half a second before slowly releasing your grip and inhaling while allowing the handles to separate. Perform as many repetitions as you can, and switch hands when your forearms give out. Do the same number of repetitions with your left hand.

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