Ways to Entertain Yourself at Work as a Receptionist

Entertainment can add fun to mundane tasks.
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Being professional at your job doesn't mean you have to be serious all the time. You can be lighthearted and fun in the workplace and still be productive. Entertaining yourself with fun activities can put a smile on your face. As a receptionist, through your smile, you'll attract clients over the phone with your friendly, positive tone of voice. Your job can be challenging. A little entertainment can make you feel good and work smarter.


    Exercising can be entertaining and relaxing, especially when you're sitting in one spot all day long. You can relieve some of the pressure by stretching your arms over your head every 15 minutes and reaching down to touch the floor. Print from a printer away from your desk to give yourself a chance to stretch your legs. You can also switch your chair to an exercise ball and every so often, bounce on the ball. Without armrests, the ball forces you to focus on your posture and it strengthens your legs, abs and back muscles.

Play Innocent Pranks

    Knowing how to have fun can lighten up a work environment. From your reception desk, you can indulge in some innocent pranks. For example, you can place a fake can of peanuts on your desk. As your coworkers walk past your desk, they'll be tempted to take some peanuts. After popping the lid open, they'll jump when an unexpected snake pops out of the can. You could also program your computer to make an unexpected laughter sound which you trigger every time a coworker walks by.

Find a New Voice

    If your receptionist job is routine and boring, you can create personal challenges to keep yourself entertained and productive. You can challenge yourself to find a new, more confident voice. As a receptionist you can practice speaking in a lower voice on the phone until you find a pitch which is natural to you, that carries authority and confidence. You can also practice changing your volume to add character to your voice.

Create Events

    Interacting with colleagues can help a receptionist get a break from mundane tasks of answering the phone and scheduling appointments. With strong organizational skills, she could entertain herself and coworkers with events. For example, she can organize healthy lunch hour sessions for colleagues to walk together, roller-blade or bike. Not only will it set a healthy trend in the workplace, but the business will develop strong professional relationships through common interests, and put employees in a positive mood.

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