Fun Things to Help Motivate Co-Workers at Work

Motivation at work can help employees to achieve their goals.
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People are motivated by different things. For some it is money, for others it is praise and attention. Regardless of what motivates you, motivation is essential for you to succeed at anything. According to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension, being able to motivate is one of the most relevant and important skills a leader needs to create effective teams in changing workplaces. But even better, you can learn fun ways to motivate others on your team. This means your people can reach their goals faster -- and have more fun getting there.

Dividing Tasks

    Divide the job responsibilities among teams. Allow each person to pick at least one task that she really loves doing. Even if everyone has to have a task that isn't fun, as long as there is at least one job to look forward to, the entire work day or assignment will be easier. Encourage your coworkers to save that job for last -- like a serving of workplace dessert.

Socialize With One Another

    Invite your coworkers to go out for lunch or go for an after-work drink. Don't plan it in advance -- just ask them during the day, Make it a habit to ask someone every week, but be sure to not leave anyone out. You may also choose to meet as a group one night a week. Plan a morning to meet for breakfast or work out together in the office gym. The important thing is to spend time together. If coworkers enjoy being with each other, they may be more motivated to work together.

Share Rewards

    Share compensation with teams that achieve results. If someone else worked hard with you on finishing a project and you received all the glory, make sure you share the prize or recognition. Tell your boss who helped you, so everyone can receive the same accolades. When coworkers realize you will be transparent when dealing with management they will be more likely to work hard on future projects.


    Surprise a coworker with a cup of coffee in the morning, or send her a secret gift. Sneak their favorite candy bar onto her desk, or put a Post-it with a funny message on her computer. The gift or message doesn't have to be big; just letting your staff know they are important can be a big motivator.

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