Walking Lunges With Dumbbells

Walking lunges with dumbbells target the often-jiggly butt muscles.
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Lunges are a quick and easy exercise for targeting your lower-body blunders. Although a traditional lunge might be good enough for a regular workout, enhancing the intensity of the lunge allows for quicker flab-fighting results. So, grab a set of lightweight dumbbells and lunge your way across the room. Sneak walking lunges into your day by doing them in your office between meetings, in the kitchen while waiting for dinner to finish or in the bedroom while brushing your teeth.

Step 1

Stand with feet roughly hip-width apart. Grasp a dumbbell in each hand and let your arms hang at your sides. Keep your back straight and look forward. This is the starting position.

Step 2

Step forward with your left leg, landing first on your heel and then rolling to your forefoot. Your arms should still be hanging at your sides. In fact, they will not move from this position throughout the entire exercise -- although the dangling dumbbells might be a bit annoying as you move, they increase the intensity of your workout.

Step 3

Bend your left knee until you reach a 90-degree angle at the hip and knee and your left thigh is parallel with the ground. Take a quick peek to your feet -- do not let your left knee drift past your left toes. Although your right foot should not move from its position, the right knee will respond by bending and lowering almost to the ground. The back of the right foot will also lift off the ground until only the toes support your position.

Step 4

Straighten the left leg. Push the right foot into the ground to assist with the move.

Step 5

Swing the right leg forward, bringing your foot to the floor a few feet in front of your left foot. This simple move is how the traditional lunge transitions into a “walking” lunge.

Step 6

Bend your right knee in the same fashion until the 90-degree angles are achieved and the right thigh is parallel with the ground. Again, your left leg will bend and lower in response, so pay attention to maintaining your balance.

Step 7

Straighten the right leg, pushing the left foot into the floor for leverage.

Step 8

Swing the left leg forward and repeat the sequence. Alternate legs as you lunge in a straight line across the room. Enjoy the sensation of your burning behind as you move.

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