Walking Like a Duck Exercises

The duck walk emphasizes your butt and thighs.
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Before you ladies strut your stuff tall and with confidence, you need to start low and walk like a duck. Walking like a duck is an exercise that works on your legs, especially the hard-to-reach booty and thighs. Although it may feel funny, the duck walk works just like regular squats, lunges and the crab walk.

How to Walk Like a Duck

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Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and arms down by your sides. Lower your body down as if you're sitting on an invisible chair. Keep your abs tight to avoid back or ab injuries and have your heels bear your weight the entire walk. Walk forward in the squatted position. If you have trouble balancing, clasp your hands together in front of your chest. If you're a beginner, walk a few steps forward and back to get used to this new way of walking. Increase the number of steps and sets you do when you start getting better. To increase the difficulty, walk with a resistance band around your ankles.

Kettlebell Duck Walk

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Hold a light kettlebell in each hand. Bend both elbows and balance the kettlebells on your upper arms. If you're a beginner, start with only one light kettlebell. The point of the kettlebell is to prevent you from swinging your arms as you naturally would when walking. Walk like a duck as explained in Step 1. To prevent injury, do this exercise on a soft and flat surface.

Kettlebell Duck Walk and Press

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For this exercise, hold a light kettlebell in each hand. Get in the squatting position for the duck walk. Start slowly and for each step you make, press with your opposite knee. This means that if you take a step with your left leg, lift the right kettlebell straight up in the air.


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While you walk like a duck, only squat low enough to reach the height of an invisible chair. A new form of the duck walk exercise requires you to squat all the way down to the floor, which you shouldn't do because it can hurt your knees. During pregnancy, the duck walk is good for strengthening your thighs and helping to lower the baby's head during the end of the pregnancy. If you're doing this exercise while pregnant, have an instructor guide and work out with you.

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