How to Use a Laptop to Conduct an Interview

You can conduct interviews on your laptop via Skype.
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Modern technology has revolutionized communication. The incredible evolution of the telephone -- from a clunky handset attached by wires to a wall socket to sleek 21st-century smartphones -- is one significant aspect of the revolution in communication. The development of the Internet and associated communication technologies such as email and Web telephony has also opened up new, fast and inexpensive channels of communication for individuals and businesses. Skype Internet telephone service is one such technology, and the fact that you can conduct audio or audio and video conversations inexpensively via Skype has made it particularly attractive to businesses.

    Step 1

    Set up a Skype account. Go to the Skype website, download the app and fill out the brief form with your contact information.

    Step 2

    Fund your Skype account as necessary. While Skype-to-Skype calls are free, calls to landlines or cell phones require either a monthly account or payment of a per-minute rate. You can fund your Skype account with debit cards, credit cards or PayPal.

    Step 3

    Contact your interviewee via email and inform her that you'll be interviewing her via Skype. Make an appointment for an interview at a mutually convenient time. Don't forget to mention you'll conduct the interview as a video call.

    Step 4

    Set up a dial-in conference call or provide the interviewee with your Skype number or handle, or Skype name. Conduct the interview using your usual procedures. You can email the candidate any necessary documents after the interview.


    • Ensure that your camera and microphone are working before the call.


    • Don't treat a Skype interview as any less formal or structured than a live interview. You should have the same basic expectations of candidates in any interview context.


    • Most laptops come with built-in mike and camera, but if you're using an older laptop or an off brand, you might need to purchase a microphone and webcam.

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