Upper Inner Thigh Exercises at the Gym

Go to the gym to help tone your upper inner thighs.
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Toned thighs are a must-have for the swimsuit season and a should-have for the rest of the year. While there are many at-home exercises that can strengthen your thighs, you might prefer to do your workouts in the gym, where there's a social atmosphere, rather than being solitary at home. Additionally, many gyms have dedicated inner-thigh machines, as well as other devices to help you strengthen your upper and inner thigh muscles.

Step 1

Perform exercises on an inner-thigh -- adductor -- machine. Sit in the machine’s seat with your back against the back rest. Position your legs against the machine’s pads. The adductor machine will have pads on the insides of your legs; an abductor machine -- for the muscles on the outside of your thigh -- will have pads on the outside. After setting the appropriate amount of weight, exhale as you push your legs together. Inhale as you slowly return to the starting position.

Step 2

Perform standing adductor exercises. The adductors include three muscles in your inner thighs that help in a variety of hip movements. Work the adductors -- as well as other upper inner thigh muscles, such as the gracilis and the pectineus -- by attaching a cable and ankle cuff to a machine with a low pulley. Stand with your shoulder to the machine, attach the cuff to the near ankle, then balance yourself by grasping a bar or another machine with your outside arm. Balance on the uncuffed leg, then exhale as you swing the cuffed leg in front of the opposite leg and a bit beyond it. Inhale as you swing the leg in the opposite direction, slowly, reaching as far as you comfortably can. Exhale and pull the leg past the uncuffed leg again. Keep your legs straight at all times. Repeat the exercise with your opposite leg.

Step 3

Work the leg press machine. Leg press exercises work your hip and thigh muscles, including the adductors of your upper inner thighs. Sit with your back flat against the seat’s backrest and place your feet flat on the machine’s plate. Adjust the seat, if necessary, so your knees are bent at about 90 degrees. Exhale as you push the plate with your legs until they’re extended; don’t move your upper body. Inhale as you return gradually to the starting position.

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