Updating a Teacher Resume

Market yourself with a stand-out resume.
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Get schooled on the latest resume trends. The resume you used to get your last job needs some polishing before you put yourself back on the market if you want to get an A-plus. Update any information that's changed since the last job hunt, including your recent achievements. An updated teaching resume is a must, but be sure to tailor it for each application.

Keep It Fresh

A teacher's resume should be regularly updated to make sure the overall look stays fresh and the content is up to date. Add any relevant training or additional education. Your resume should show that you continually invest in yourself and that you're a life-long learner, not just a teacher. If you've taught at the same job for many years, add other relevant experience to your resume such as volunteer work, coaching positions, international experience or relevant responsibilities you've taken on.

Keep Up With Technology

If the last time you applied for a teaching job you submitted a paper copy of your resume, make sure you can also submit it electronically. Many school districts request application materials be submitted online. This is more environmentally friendly and also helps the human resource manager sort through the pile of applicants received. Save your resume in a text-only current Microsoft Word format and as a PDF file.

Update Resume Style

Implement current trends to ensure your resume doesn't date you. Your resume should be one to two pages long, written in an easy-to-read font like Times New Roman and shouldn't be cluttered. Review your resume at least annually for some spring cleaning. Replace your personal statement with a summary of qualifications, and highlight your teaching qualities and skills. Establish a personal brand with your resume, keeping all the content consistent to show you're a highly qualified teacher. Your resume should reflect that you're a seasoned professional and should no longer resemble that of a recent college grad looking for her first teaching job.

Update Terminology

Keywords are important and so are industry-specific terms and trends. The ones to include on your resume change over time and from employer to employer. Current job announcements provide clues on the current keywords and phrases. Replicate using the adjectives you see and explain how your experience or education has prepared you for current issues such as standards-based curriculum, trends in classroom management, current safety issues and new education policies.

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