Types of Visual Aids for Presentations

The right visual aids depend on the size of your audience.
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An impressive PowerPoint slideshow or eye-catching graph or chart can add some pop to an effective presentation. Visual aids combined with verbal communication significantly improve the retention and impact of your message. Picking effective visual aids for your work presentations can also improve your professional reputation and help you gain support from peers, managers and others who see the results of your effort.


    PowerPoint provides one of the most effective and versatile visual aid tools for lengthy presentations. By using PowerPoint, you can highlight key points of your message so audience members not only hear what you say, but can see it at the same time on screen. You can also place images, charts, graphs and other visual cues in your PowerPoint presentation to enhance the effect.

Graphs and Charts

    Handing out or displaying graphs and charts can greatly reinforce key points in your presentation. Sales charts, for instance, can be used to show how your company or a given department has progressed over time in its sales performance. For some, seeing these effects visually strengthen the point you make verbally. Other graphs and charts may be used to show data that you compiled through direct or second-hand research.

Poster Board

    If you have a smaller number of visuals to show, a flip chart or mounted poster board may do the trick. A flip chart is a tool where you have a visual on one large piece of art paper and you flip the page to show the next one. You can either have prepared pictures or images, or use the flip chart for brainstorming discussions. Mounting high-impact visuals on poster board is useful to draw attention to a key item. Creatives in ad agencies often use these to showcase storyboards or as layouts for ads.

Demonstrations and Video

    Depending on the nature of your presentation, a live demonstration or a video can serve as a useful visual aid. In sales, for instance, a live demonstration of your product strongly conveys its benefits and value. This is especially true if you get audience members involved. Videos that you produce or third-party ones may fit better in some cases. A video commentary or testimonial from an expert related to the topic of your presentation can give you greater credibility.

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