Types of Careers in Fashion

Put the fashionista inside of you to work with a career in fashion.
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Are you the type of woman who loves putting together outfits for your friends? Do you love sketching out clothing that you only wish you had? If this sounds like you, then you may be the perfect candidate for a career in the world of fashion. There are several avenues for you to unleash your creativity in the fashion world. If you think that becoming a fashion designer is the only way to work in the fashion industry, think again.

Retail Sales and Fashion Merchandising

Fashion merchandisers present clothing and brands to retail store owners to sell. They work with store owners to decide what clothing should be in the store and what needs to be replaced. Fashion merchandisers try to predict what styles will trend so their clients can be better prepared for the customers who want that style. If you like working in a fast-paced environment and have a knack for predicting what your friends will be wearing next, then a career in fashion merchandising may be for you.

Personal Stylist

If you love to put together stylish outfits for you and your friends to go out in, then a career as a personal stylist may be in your future. Personal stylists are hired to find the perfect outfits for special events and occasions. Stylists take into consideration their clients' tastes and preferences before picking out clothes to present to them. They gather several different styles and accessories and present them to their client to pick. An eye for style and trends is key to becoming a professional personal stylist.

Fashion Blogger

If you are connected to all things digital and you love taking photos of styles that you see on the street or on the runway, then a career as a fashion blogger could be the right job for you. Fashion bloggers are always on the move, looking for the latest styles and trends everywhere they go. They take photos of styles on people that they love and post them to their blog, Twitter and facebook. A digital camera and a laptop are musts for blogging fashionistas. Fashion blogging is not for the socially awkward.

Fashion Designer

Fashion designers are the creators behind new styles that hit the stores and runways. They are creative thinkers, and they bring their designs and ideas into a tangible, and fashionable, reality. As a fashion designer, it is your job to sketch potential garments. You will draw how they drape on the body, what the texture or color may be and add any accessories that you think will look good with the piece. Then, a fashion designer will make a sample of the garment, sewing together the pieces of fabric and embellishments that look like the image in the sketch. These samples then may be mass produced for retail sales.

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