Careers in Fashion Journalism

Fashion journalists work for all types of media.
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Women who love fashion and glamour may take that passion to the next level by securing a job in the fashion industry. Fashion journalists report on the fast-paced and dynamic world of fashion for a variety of media outlets. Traditionally, they reported fashion news in newspapers and magazines. Their work has grown to encompass television and websites.


    Fashion writers concentrate on fashion news, issues and interest pieces, and typically write for fashion magazines, industry publications and online news outlets. Some larger newspapers may have fashion writers on staff. Like other journalists, fashion writers must stay up-to-date on the industry, keeping an eye and an ear out for breaking news and ideas for feature articles. Many fashion writers cover fashion shows, clothing line debuts and major events such as movie premieres and industry award shows. Some fashion writers earn a living writing fashion blogs, writing for fashion websites or crafting press releases for public relations firms.


    Fashion magazines, such as Vogue, Glamour and smaller niche publications, employ editors at many levels. At the top of the masthead is the managing editor and chief editor. Other editors typically oversee one section of the magazine, such as accessories, clothing or advice. A fashion editor may develop story ideas, assign stories to writers and oversee the editing process. She may set up photo shoots; secure clothing and accessories for photo shoots; and hire models for the shoots. Additionally, an editor may assist with the layout for her section.


    Fashion reporters for broadcast outlets are both seen and heard reporting for major news networks, morning news shows and entertainment television programs. A fashion reporter may attend fashion shows, product launches and other major events. She may interview celebrities, designers and other public figures. Fashion reporters provide fashion advice, talk about upcoming trends and report on celebrity fashion.


    Because the fashion industry is highly competitive, those interested in a career in fashion journalism typically start out in any job related to fashion to gain practical knowledge. Potential journalists may work in retail, take design classes or assist a designer. A degree or previous experience in journalism is helpful, but not always required. Starting a fashion blog or doing freelance writing for free are ways to build a portfolio and hone your skills.

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