How to Turn a Flat Butt Into a Curvy Butt

Following a strategic plan can help you add curves to your butt.
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If you want sexy curves for your rear view, you’re in luck. By knowing the right exercises to do and by maintaining a healthy diet, you can transform your butt from flat to fab. The process involves eating a protein-rich, balanced diet that helps you put on lean muscle and performing booty-lifting cardio and strength moves. If you stick to a routine that involves these factors, you’ll be well on your way to form-flattering curves.

Step 1

Make a meal plan. Evaluate your current dietary habits and look for ways to incorporate more lean protein (e.g. fish, poultry, eggs, etc.) into your daily menu. If you are trying to gain muscle weight, add 300 to 500 calories of protein into your pre- and post-workout nutrition plan, which will help you gain at a safe rate.

Step 2

Refocus your cardio to incorporate uphill movement. The best machine for glute-building is the stair-climber. Make a cardio schedule that includes five 30-minute sessions per week or more depending on your current fitness level, and include several stair-climber workouts in your plan. On days when you don’t climb, choose cardio workouts that can be done at an incline, such as elliptical workouts or running uphill on the treadmill.

Step 3

Develop a strength-training plan to build your glutes. Factor in two weight-training sessions per week that focus specifically on your legs and butt. In every workout, include dumbbell step-ups -- one of the most effective butt-building moves -- in which you hold free weights and step up onto an elevated platform such as a weight bench. Along with your step-ups, perform sets of lunges, squats or leg presses aiming for a total of three moves per workout.

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