Cardio That Gives You a Bigger Butt

Choose the right cardio workout to build a bigger, better butt.
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If you want to boost your booty and get a bigger butt with cardio, you have to choose the right workouts. With cardio’s ability to blast calories, it can easily decrease the size of your backside if you’re not strategic. But by selecting workouts that build your glute muscles and following a muscle-friendly diet, you can add shape to your rear and improve your overall fitness.

Hill Running

    “Running Times” likens hill running to doing hundreds of single-leg squats in a row. It actively engages your glutes in ways that flat-surface running doesn’t. By running hills or increasing the incline of your treadmill you build stronger glutes while also burning more calories than running on an even plane. The result will be decreased fat and increased muscle mass for sexy curves.

Stair Climbing

    Stair climbing is so effective at building muscle that it can be used as both a cardio and a strength workout. Because the action forces you to push upward through your heel to your glutes, stair climbing builds muscle throughout your lower body. recommends climbing six to 12 flights of stairs for one set and resting for two to three minutes after each. Depending on your fitness level, you can complete anywhere from four to 12 sets during a workout. If you don't have access to multiple flights of stairs, use a stair machine at your gym for similar results.


    Interval training is another powerful option for booty-boosting cardio. By breaking up your cardio workout into chunks of high-intensity sprints followed by slower recovery periods, you build muscle while burning fat. Choose your favorite cardio machine or workout and outline a plan for your allotted time. Designate at least three multiminute periods for high-intensity work with one- to three-minute recovery periods after.

Elliptical Training

    Elliptical machines can help you build a bigger butt by providing options for steep inclines that work your glutes. At high settings, elliptical machines simulate the motions of stair-climbers and activate your glutes more than flat-surface workouts. Increase the resistance along with the incline for an even more effective butt-building cardio workout.

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