How to Be a Top Saleswoman

Listen and give your clients what they ask for.
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Top salespeople have a lot of things in common. Some characteristics are genetic, such as intellect and alertness, but most of the attributes are learned. Of course, you will know your product or service inside and out. Then, you can easily become the top saleswoman on your team by adapting the traits that make sales effortless and fun for those rare, top producers who consistently close a high percentage of their prospects. According to the University of Florida, 20 percent of all salespeople make 80 percent of all sales.

    Step 1

    Tap into your motivation and your drive. Having a strong desire to succeed and be recognized is one of the most important traits of all top sellers, according to the University of Florida. Go ahead and cultivate those internal desires that drive you to succeed; they’ll help to carry you to your ultimate success.

    Step 2

    Listen to your clients and they will tell you what they need. Top saleswomen fulfill needs. They don’t tell customers what they want, they let the customers tell them what they need and then they get it for them. They solve problems.

    Step 3

    Show prospects how your product or service will benefit them, instead of just repeating the benefits and leaving it to the customers to figure out where it fits in their lives. Make the transition for them between the features of your offerings and the benefits they’ll receive.

    Step 4

    Deliver on your word. Do what you say you’re going to do to earn your clients’ trust. Once customers trust you, they’ll send you those golden referrals that increase your sales quotas ... and they will come back for more, too.

    Step 5

    Take advantage of your resources. Use your company’s website and literature to back up your claims. Bring in your sales manager or a fellow salesperson to close the deal. Rely on the team where you work to build your own sales. A little humility in sales goes a very long way.


    • Guide your customers to the final business at hand – making a purchase with you. It’s great to build rapport and trust with your clients, spending time getting to know them and their desires, but you have to maintain control of every encounter or you risk losing the sales. Go too far off track with your conversations and the customer will be left with many large holes through which she can just walk right through.


    • Don’t ever take the word “no” personally. Rejection is a normal part of the sales process. As a matter of fact, you can’t get to “yes” without encountering your share of “nos.”

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