Tools for Re-Entering the Workplace

Getting back into the workforce isn't always easy.
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Re-entering the workforce after a long absence can feel much like heading into school on that first day of kindergarten. You might be tentative and timid, worried about whether others will like you and whether you really have what it takes to succeed. Unlike that inexperienced kindergartner, you have done this before. You have tackled the world of work and conquered it. Instead of allowing your nervousness to leave your knees-a-shakin’ equip yourself with some tools to help make your jump back into the career pool less of a shock to your system.


The power of knowledge can never be overstated. If it has been quite some time since you were last an active player in your industry of choice, your knowledge may be a bit antiquated. Don’t let out-of-date knowledge embarrass you. Instead, work to actively build a new, more current, base of knowledge. Subscribe to some industry-related newsletters or magazines, or reallocate some of the Internet time you dedicate to Pinterest and start reading potentially boring, albeit valuable, news stories about advancements in your industry of choice.

Social Media Presence

When you decide to dive back into the workforce, your first step is to get your name out there. You can accomplish much of this from the comfort of your own home by setting up a business-focused social media presence. Create a LinkedIn account or start a business-focused Twitter feed. Reach out to others in the industry you plan to acquire a job using these tech tools, rebuilding your network, and making new connections that could help you secure the job you seek

Revamped Resume

Pulling your trusty, old resume out of the filing cabinet, blowing the dust off and sticking it in the mail will certainly not get the job done. Spend some quality time with this all-important document, updating it to reflect any experience you may have gained -- even if that experience is outside of the job market through venues such as volunteering. Also, give it a face lift. Select a new resume template and fit your information into this modern frame.


While it isn’t tangible, passion is something that you will need in abundance if you want to make your workforce re-entry dreams come true. Kathy Harris of the New York City-based recruiting group Harris Allied, touts the importance of possessing passion when it comes time to re-enter the workforce in a LearnVest article. If you are only re-entering the workforce out of necessity, you may inadvertently make this lack-of-eagerness to do so apparent. If, instead, you are full of vim and vigor and ready to make your mark, you will likely exude an infectious energy that can capture the attention and hearts of hiring committees, making you a more obvious and desirable choice.

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