Tips on Mananging Your Emotions in the Workplace

A positive mindset can help you manage negative emotions at work.
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Work is not the place to wear your emotions on your sleeve. At times, it can be tricky to keep emotions at bay, but at work, you need to remain professional. By nature, most women are emotive beings -- this is especially true at certain times of the month, which can make it hard to keep emotions in check. You don't want to be labeled at work as someone who is emotionally reactive or uses your emotions to manipulate others, so keeping your emotions in check in the workplace is vital to your success and respect.

Take a Break

    A co-worker who ticks you off might tempt you to react angrily, but doing so displays a lack of self-restraint, even if you're in the right. When you get angry or frustrated at work, don't speak right away. Count to 10 mentally and remove yourself from the situation -- take a break. Walk around the block and release your anger far from spying eyes; repressing anger isn't healthy, so finding a safe way to release it is important. Another option is to take a moment in the restroom to gain control of your emotions.

Go Easy on Yourself

    When an expected job promotion doesn't come, you might feel like crying. Don't beat yourself up with feelings of disappointment or failure, which exacerbates your emotions. Turn your attention inward and use the sense of failure or disappointment as a means for self-examination. Failure isn't the end of the world; you simply discovered something that doesn't work. Use the experience to point your efforts in the right direction. Consider what Winston Churchill said about failure: "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts."

Emotion as Motivation

    Consider using emotions to motivate you at work. When you're jealous of a co-worker, instead of spiraling down in an emotional morass, use your jealously to empower you to do better. Jealously can push you to take positive action to improve your own performance. Treat the jealously as a doorway to self-examination and use it to achieve what you want in the workplace, instead of lashing out at the source.


    Distract yourself from your emotions when they start to get the better of you. Put on some calming music and turn your attention to a project at hand. Take a break and play a computer game or take a minute to talk to a co-worker who always makes you laugh. Humor is a reliable way out of a negative moment.

Find the Positive

    There are always two sides to every issue, positive and negative. Instead of focusing on the negative, review the positive aspects of a situation to change your emotions about it to an uplifting perspective.

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