How Should an Employee Build a Working Relationship With an Overbearing Manager?

An overbearing boss can make work quite unpleasant.
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Nearly every one of us has had to deal with an overbearing boss at some point in our careers. From the time the boss arrives at work until the time she leaves, she is yelling orders and complaining about everything not being done. She also complains about incomplete and late tasks. It would seem there is no pleasing a bad boss, but with a little bit of work you can make your job bearable and learn to get along.


    Ask to meet with your boss in private. Schedule a time where you can sit down and explain your unhappiness with the situation. At the meeting, explain you feel unappreciated because of the yelling and negative statements being made. Allude to the fact it is your boss causing the problems. Use statements such as “I feel like I am unappreciated for the things that I do because no one in the organization offers any supportive statements.” When you take the blame off your boss, you will get a more positive result.


    Listen to what your boss is complaining about. Does she complain about everything or is there a focus to her complaints? It could be that she is insecure about her own performance and isn't aware she is being overbearing. What type of response did you get from your meeting with your boss? Did she react with anger to your statements? Was she apologetic or did she deny treating anyone badly? It can help to understand where your boss is coming from before you get upset over her actions.

Improve Performance

    Work hard and go beyond the call of your job expectations. Be the first one to arrive at the office and the last one to leave, as long as there is work to do. If you consistently do your best and make your boss look good, she will have no reason to yell at you. You can also look for ways to improve yourself. Instead of concentrating on your boss and her actions, spend time improving your own attitude. Create goals within the company, and set out to inspire others. Always speak positively about your boss to others, and consciously maintain an upbeat attitude whenever you are around management and co-workers. Happiness is often contagious.

Remain Positive

    Avoid workplace gossip. Even if you are working your hardest, if you frequently take part in gossip your boss will notice. Group discussions about your overbearing boss will create negativity, and are anti-productive. You have nothing to gain by talking bad about your boss. If you find ,you can't avoid the negativity or gossip, ask to be moved to another department; or, if your job is affecting your outlook on your career, it may be time to look for a new job.

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