What Are Three Types of Workers Who Benefit From Diversity Training?

Effective communication within a diverse workplace can help an organization remain competitive.
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The modern workforce is a global one, consisting of extremely diverse employee populations. Because today's corporations and career paths include people of varying races, cultures, age groups, genders and religious backgrounds, it is imperative to provide training that teaches effective communication skills. Diversity training can help bridge any gaps between these professionals, their colleagues and the customers they serve.


    Managers play a large role in influencing the productivity and morale of their corporation's workforce. Knowing how to effectively communicate with employees of various backgrounds can ensure that conflict among all parties is kept to a minimum. And, according to Diversity Training University International, putting managers through diversity training can teach them how to take advantage of the benefits of having a diverse workforce capable of effectively reaching out to and communicating with global customers and peers.

Law Enforcement Officers

    Police officers daily come in contact with people of different races, cultures and backgrounds. Diversity training for officers might include information about racial profiling, demographic changes and how to become more aware of personal belief systems; it can help officers cast aside bias and become role models and conduits of change.

People-Person Jobs

    Professionals whose daily jobs rely on interaction with people of varying backgrounds -- customer service representatives and teachers, for example -- stand to benefit from diversity training that focuses on effective communication skills. Being able to communicate with people from a plethora of cultures that may speak different languages can have a big impact on a company's or institution's success. The University of New England says teachers can benefit from knowing how to be sensitive to a particular student's needs that might be influenced by different cultural traditions.

Internal Backup: Human Resource Workers

    Just as dealing with outside customers is key in a company's success, so is the way employee matters are handled internally. Human resource professionals help provide workers with the tools and guidance to perform their jobs most effectively. Understanding exactly what is expected of them and knowing what reward they will receive in terms of salary and other workplace benefits is key to keeping employees content and productive.

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