The Advantages of a Healthy Body Composition

A healthy body composition can increase energy and vitality.
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Body composition is a measurement of how much fat mass you have versus lean muscle mass. A healthy body composition doesn't just make you look good in clothes, but it also has several benefits for your well-being. Achieve a fit, trim body by eating a healthy nutrient-rich diet and engaging in a consistent exercise routine to build muscle and lose body fat.

Visceral Fat

A healthy body should have less fat versus muscle mass. Increased muscle mass decreases the risk of visceral fat. Visceral fat is the fat that lies deep in the intra-abdominal cavity and around the organs. This type of fat is more dangerous than regular subcutaneous, or surface, fat that you pinch with your hands. Visceral fat is linked to serious medical conditions including obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Decrease visceral fat with regular cardio exercise as well as strength training to lose weight and gain muscle.


An obvious advantage to achieving a healthy body composition is to improve your appearance. A healthy weight means that you are not overweight for your body type and you are more likely to have a slim physique and shape. Furthermore, increased muscle mass can lean you out and give you toned arms and legs and a taut tummy. A regular strength-training program can build muscle to sculpt your body, while cardiovascular exercise will burn calories to aid in fat loss.

More Energy

A healthy body composition will give you more energy. If you are carrying around excess weight, you will likely fatigue easier during daily activities such as climbing the stairs and during fitness activities. The less weight you have to carry, the less strain put on your heart to pump out more blood to the body and less pressure on the joints when moving. Being underweight also decreases energy since the body does not have enough energy stores to fuel physical and mental activity.

Decreased Risk of Disease

According to the University of Utah College of Health, a healthy body composition can decrease the risk of serious illness and disease. Diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, osteoporosis and high blood pressure are all affected by and possibly caused by having high fat stores and low muscle mass. Prevent the risk of serious illnesses by adopting a healthy lifestyle that consists of optimal nutrition and regular exercise. Aim for three to five cardiovascular workouts per week of 30 to 60 minutes each coupled with two to three weekly strength-training workouts that target the major muscle groups.

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