How to Tell When You Aced a Final Phone Interview

A lengthy call is one way to tell you aced your phone interview.
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Employers use phone interviews as a preliminary screen to determine who will make it to the next round of the application process. They can also be used as a follow up to an in-person interview when there are additional questions to be asked. Trying to figure out what a potential employer thinks of you can be difficult from just a phone call. Body language plays a lot into reading someone’s take on you. However, certain clues may indicate you aced a phone interview.

Personality Plus

    Salespeople and customer service representatives are taught to smile when they answer the phone. It lifts your voice in a way that shows you are engaged and interested in conversation. Listen for clues that your interviewer is smiling while she is talking to you. If your prospective employer makes jokes or clues you in on something funny her kid did that morning, you may have aced your phone interview. The more personality your interviewer shows, the more likely it is that the job is yours.

Length of Call

    If your phone interview is a part of the initial screening process, you probably did well if it's a lengthy call. Interviews are essentially a conversation or date of sorts. The longer you talk and the more one topic leads to another, the more the employer is interested in you. Tie topics together to stretch the interview out and give your employer a better chance to learn about you. For example, if you start talking about your time management skills related to work, link the conversation to something you talked about earlier, such as teaching your kid about getting his homework done on time last week.

Fitting In

    The more your prospective employer asks you questions about where you fit in to the company, the more likely you aced the interview. For example, there is a subtle difference between asking you general questions about your computer skills and inquiring how you would interact with the head of a company's IT department. When a potential employer is picturing you in the role and envisioning how you would fit into the puzzle, this is a good sign. When you are given an opportunity like this, look for ways you can mesh and convince your interviewer that you can add to the present dynamic of the company.

Follow Up

    If your phone interview ends with an attempt to follow up, you stand a good chance that you impressed your employer. Much like an intrigued suitor in the romantic world, an interested employer tries to secure a future interaction with you. If your interviewer gives a specific date and time you will hear more information, take it as a good sign. For example, being told that a decision will be made by 5 p.m. the next day could be a positive sign you succeeded at your phone interview.

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