Strengthening Exercises and Bat Wings

Tighten and tone your arms to say goodbye to bat wings.
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Jiggly bat wings that wobble when you wave your arms around are downright embarrassing. Instead of hiding under long-sleeve shirts, you can get slim, sculpted arms with a combination of strength training and cardio exercise. Burn the flab and build muscle for sexy arms you're proud to flaunt.

Aerobic Exercises that Engage Arm Muscles

    Excess flab on your arms contributes toward the development of "bat wings." If you don't want your wingspan to continue to spread, you've got to burn calories and shed fat with heart-pumping aerobic exercise. Get two for the price of one by participating in cardio workouts that engage your arm muscles. Go swimming, play tennis, use the rowing machine or shoot baskets to slim and tone your arms.

Tricep Extensions

    Use dumbbells, kettlebells or no weight at all to clip those wings and tone up the backs of your arms. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart while holding a weight in each hand. Bend your arms and raise your forearms until they're shoulder level and nearly parallel with the ceiling. Work those bat wings off by extending your forearms forward to straighten your arms. Perform 12 to 24 tricep extensions every other day. The weight adds resistance, forcing your muscles to work harder. If you're unable to perform the exercise with weight, start off without it and add weight as the exercise gets easier.

Dumbbell Raises

    Tighten and tone your arm and shoulder muscles to get ready for arm-baring dresses and shirts. Perform dumbbell raises every other day and you won't have to keep hiding behind long sleeves. Stand with your feet hip-width apart, dumbbells in hand. Raise your hands until they're shoulder level while pointing your elbows out to the sides. Push the dumbbells up and overhead, using the muscles on the fronts and backs of your arms to power the move. Lower with control to whittle away bat wings and get sculpted muscles you can be proud of.


    Pushups are an old stand-by that still work. Whether you do regular pushups, modified pushups with your knees bent and resting on the floor, or wall pushups, you can bet you'll sculpt those guns while losing arm flab. Good form is more important than the number of pushups you do. Aim for eight to 24 pushups every other day, but if you can only start off with one really good pushup, then do it and add more as your muscles go from wobbly to strong.

Other Considerations

    A reduced-calorie diet will help you trim off unwanted arm flab. Stop eating junk, such as sugary baked goods or fast food. Stock up on fresh produce, lean protein, whole grains and low- to nonfat dairy. Eat small meals throughout the day to keep your body fueled and avoid caving into the munchies in-between meals. Lose 1 pound of jiggly fat each week by cutting 500 calories from your diet each day. Skipping the side of French fries or the sweetened coffee beverage can help you easily accomplish this.

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