Rowing Exercises for the Arms

Bare you arms and back to show off your newly defined muscles.
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Weight training might seem like a time-consuming activity that would be difficult to fit into your already busy schedule, but exercises such as rows give you a lot of bang for your buck -- exercising multiple muscles in your arms, shoulders and upper back all at the same time. Perform rowing exercises three times each week, and you're well on your way to lean, sexy arms.

Seated Resistance Band Rows

    Strengthen your arms on the go with seated rows using a resistance exercise band. Wrap the band around a stable object, such as a table leg or a chair -- put it in front of the TV and kill two birds with one stone. Sit on the floor facing the band, legs out in front of you and knees slightly bent. Hold one end of the band in each hand and sit up straight. Pull your elbows backward and squeeze your shoulder blades together against the resistance of the band. Hold for two to three seconds, then relax. Repeat 10 times and work up to three sets in a row.

Dumbbell Bent Rows

    Sculpt sexy arms with dumbbell bent rows. Even if you don't own a dumbbell or you just don't feel like going to the gym, you don't get to skip out on this one. Fill a gallon jug with water and use it instead. Bend over and support your upper body with your left hand on a stable surface. Hold the weight in your right hand and hang your arm down straight. Pull your right elbow backward and squeeze your shoulder blade. Hold at the top for two to three seconds, then lower back down. Repeat 10 times on each side and work up to three sets in a row.

Upright Rows

    Show off your toned arms in a sleeveless shirt at the gym while you use a barbell to perform upright rows. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and grip the barbell close to the middle with your palms facing you, six to eight inches apart. Start with your arms straight with the barbell resting in front of your thighs. Bend your elbows and lift the bar straight up toward your chin. Stop when the barbell reaches shoulder height and hold for two to three seconds. Slowly lower back down and repeat 10 times. Work up to three sets in a row.

Exercise Machine Seated Rows

    Incorporate rows into your regular weight-training routine at the gym. Sit on the seat of the row weight machine and slide forward until your chest is resting against the pad. Reach forward and grasp one handle in each hand. Sit up straight and pull the handles toward you as you squeeze your shoulder blades together. Hold for two to three seconds, then return to the starting position. Repeat 10 times and work up to three sets in a row.

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