How to Strengthen Your Stomach Muscles When Biking

Biking with a friend is a fun way to stay motivated.
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Busy women know that multitasking is a normal part of everyday life. Even if you long for relaxing, lazy days spent on a deserted beach somewhere, you understand that real life calls for action. If you love to bike you can easily amp up your workout by adding some simple techniques to strengthen your abs at the same time. Biking provides your body with benefits that range from aerobic conditioning to creating great muscle tone, so go ahead and add one more to the list -- killer abs.

Step 1

Engage your abdominal muscles by holding them in slightly while you are cycling. In fact, try to hold them slightly upward as well as inward. This contracts the muscles and works them while you are doing another activity such as biking.

Step 2

Change your position occasionally while biking. Lowering your body downward and forward causes different parts of your abdominal muscles to be engaged. Sitting up straight also engages core muscles that help to support your torso. Movement is good for your abdominal muscles, so try to remember that while you are riding.

Step 3

Stand up while riding your bicycle and allow your lower abs to more fully support your upper body. Stay in this position for an interval of time before returning your rear end to the saddle, such as standing for five minutes and sitting for five minutes. This also helps to further strengthen your leg muscles.

Step 4

Perform other abdominal exercises off of your bicycle once you have finished riding for the day. Biking can help improve your abs, but can be helped greatly by other abdominal workout routines. Planks, situps and core exercises can help you strengthen your abs so riding your bike is more fun and easier than ever.

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