How to Start the Downswing With the Hips & Arms at the Same Time

Move your hands and hips together for a smooth downswing.
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Some say that timing is everything in life. Whatever you think about that philosophy in general, it certainly applies to golf. All the up-and-down and side-to-side movements you perform during your swing can make your head swim. But if you focus on a few key points -- voila! -- the timing can fall into place. Make the start of your downswing one of those key points so you can end your swing with solid contact.

Step 1

Focus on shifting your weight forward as you begin the downswing. By focusing on your entire body, it's easier to drop your arms and begin rotating your hips simultaneously.

Step 2

Move your front hip slightly forward as you begin the downswing, suggests PGA pro Krista Dunton, rather than rotating your hips immediately.

Step 3

Avoid rushing your downswing by turning your shoulders too soon, says Tiger Woods in his book, "How I Play Golf." Woods suggests letting your hands drop at the start of the downswing, while simultaneously shifting your weight forward and moving your hips.

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