How to Start the Downswing With the Hips & Arms at the Same Time

Move your hands and hips together for a smooth downswing.

Move your hands and hips together for a smooth downswing.

Some say that timing is everything in life. Whatever you think about that philosophy in general, it certainly applies to golf. All the up-and-down and side-to-side movements you perform during your swing can make your head swim. But if you focus on a few key points -- voila! -- the timing can fall into place. Make the start of your downswing one of those key points so you can end your swing with solid contact.

Focus on shifting your weight forward as you begin the downswing. By focusing on your entire body, it's easier to drop your arms and begin rotating your hips simultaneously.

Move your front hip slightly forward as you begin the downswing, suggests PGA pro Krista Dunton, rather than rotating your hips immediately.

Avoid rushing your downswing by turning your shoulders too soon, says Tiger Woods in his book, "How I Play Golf." Woods suggests letting your hands drop at the start of the downswing, while simultaneously shifting your weight forward and moving your hips.


  • Make your swing a single, fluid movement, rather than performing a backswing, pausing, and then beginning your downswing.

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