How to Position the Front Knee & Hip When Turning a Snowboard

Positioning your body on the snowboard is the key to smooth turns.

Positioning your body on the snowboard is the key to smooth turns.

Navigating the curves of the slopes on a snowboard can be daunting, but with the proper technique you can approach a difficult turn with confidence and ease. Simply rotate your lead knee and hip to switch the direction of your board. By using the correct body position, you can look like a pro and avoid potential injury.

Approach the turn at a fairly comfortable speed. Bend your knees at a 45-degree angle to help keep your center of gravity low and balanced.

Initiate the turn by rotating your front hip in one smooth motion. Your lead knee should stay perpendicular to the board as you turn. During high-speed turns, it is especially important to keep your front knee and hip aligned with the board through the turn in order to maintain balance.

Rotate your lead hip again in the opposite direction to change your route. Try not to twist your front knee as you turn, or you could end up with a torn ligament or minor injury. To keep your upper body balanced, rotate your shoulders in the direction of the turn.

Complete the turn by moving your lead hip until it is perpendicular to the snowboard. To turn the board 180 degrees, put your opposite hip in the lead.

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