Softball Coach Job Description

A softball coach is responsible for directing a school’s softball program.
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A softball coach may work for a high school, college or university. Her job is not just to coach the softball team and run practices, but also to direct and manage the school's softball program. This can mean everything from recruiting new team members to creating and maintaining a budget for the program.

Softball Skills

    The softball coach is charged with making sure that every member of the team understands the basic rules and techniques of the game. She assesses the skill level of each player and determines what they need to work on. She then helps the players to improve their skills during practice by conducting small group activities. If she has an assistant softball coach working with her, she will have to supervise the assistant coach and delegate appropriate responsibilities to the assistant coach.

Softball Program

    In addition to coaching the softball team, the softball coach manages and directs the softball program. This includes scheduling practices, managing the softball team's budget and promoting the softball program in the community. She also has to ensure the team is complying with all rules and regulations set by the school as well as the governing body of the league the team plays in.

Equipment and Uniforms

    One of the duties of a softball coach may be ensuring that all equipment is cared for properly to maximize its lifespan. She will distribute equipment and uniforms as needed and take responsibility for the safety of the equipment when it is not in use. These duties are often taken over by an assistant coach. A softball coach also helps to generate funds for new equipment through alumni and scholarship fundraising activities.

Scouting and Recruitment

    A softball coach is responsible for retaining the returning players on the team. She may also be responsible for scouting new team members. One of the ways this can be done is through operating a softball summer camp, which can attract the attention of potential future players.

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