The Skills Needed to Be a Performance Analyst

Performance analysts need research and analytical skills.
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Women interested in sports, finance or technology may enjoy working as performance analysts. Good communication and research skills are necessary. Your job tasks may include chatting with customer service reps over lunch or talking with customers in a retail store about their buying styles. Although education requirements vary based on the field, a bachelor's degree in computer science, information systems or a related degree makes you an attractive candidate.

Organization Skills

    If you work for different clients or for one company, good organization skills are important for this position. Depending on the field, performance analysts may handle a variety of projects and work with different teams. They must be comfortable multitasking and handling different parts of a project, such as researching and then compiling data to complete a sales report.

Analytical Skills

    Analytical skills are an asset in this field, especially for reviewing data. Performance analysts monitor and update data on performance and sales reports, such as prices and shares. They also used math to calculate costs and price information on reports. Performance analysts should be familiar with terms used in their field. For example, if you work as a sports performance analyst for the National Basketball Association, you should have stat information about players, teams and coaches.

Research Skills

    Performance analysts research trends for their company including competitors. They may also meet with other staff to collect information needed for reports, such as sales and customer service figures. If you work at a software company, you might track sales performance and use this information to forecast future sales reports.

Communication Skills

    Performance analysts prepare a variety of reports for management based on sales and performances of products and services. Strong communications skills are needed to present these reports at staff meetings and business conferences. They must also work closely with other departments within a business to analyze data and help companies come up with solutions to any performance issues. Performance analysts must be comfortable writing reports for executives, clients, managers and support staff.

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