How to Present Professional Strengths & Skills on a Resume

Leverage your professional strengths and skills to compete against other applicants.
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Hiring employers want workers who possess both hard and soft skills. Hard skills might involve knowing how to use word processors, writing in various computer languages or having several years experience on the job. Soft skills are what you accomplished over the course of your professional career, such as developing and mastering communication, leadership and interpersonal skills. An effective method for presenting your professional strengths along with your hard skills on your resume is to use accomplishment statements.

    Step 1

    Pre-write your accomplishment statements in a separate document or on a sheet of paper before adding this information to your resume. Recall in verb form the basics of what you did in your previous jobs, such as: "generated business reports," "sold products to customers" and "maintained and operated office equipment."

    Step 2

    Identify accomplishments using the "CAR" method -- "Challenge, Action and Result." For example, a salesperson's manager challenges her to improve slumping sales. She creates and maintains a professional social-networking profile in the name of the company, resulting in a larger online presence, potentially increasing sales and revenue.

    Step 3

    Quantify your accomplishments using dollar figures and performance percentages, as well as awards and recognition. For example, a professional salesperson might state the following: "Increased business-to-consumer revenue by 5 percent year-over-year." She might have received the following accolades: 'Awarded "Salesperson of the Month" three times in 2011.' Other professional strengths and skills include working as a trainer or educator in your field, as well as being a published author of workplace manuals, tutorials and white papers.

    Step 4

    Place your accomplishment statements throughout the resume. Use three or four of your strengths and skills to make the "Summary" paragraph at the top of the document. In the "Work Experience" section, match statements to employers where the accomplishments took place, as you describe your job duties. Lastly, create a "Skills" section that lays out special skills.


    • Tailor each resume to each job opening, using the original job advertisement if possible. Hiring managers look for work-related skills and keywords in your application documents.

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