Showing an Internship on a Resume

Decide what to say about your internship on your resume.
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Once you've completed an educational program, the natural next step is to complete an internship that helps you hone the skills you got in school, and to get some real-world experience that can help you to land a job. Since most interns don't have a lot of professional job experience to list on their resumes, the internships are going to bear much more weight. So, let your light shine and give them the space they deserve on your resume.


Before you type anything onto your resume, spend some time thinking about all of the activities that you did during your internship. Make a list of the tasks you completed -- even if you did those tasks only a few times, they can still be considered "real world" experience. Some interns spend a lot of time "shadowing" or assisting higher-ups in the company; if that was you, don't hesitate to list the activities those higher-ups did, and how you helped.

Job Title

At the top of your resume's "Work Experience" section, add your internships, with your most recent internship listed first, followed by the second-most recent and so on. If the internship had a clear job title, list that, followed by the name of the company. If the internship did not have a specific title, come up with one that gives a concise description of what you did and clearly state it was an internship. For example, you could use "Editorial Intern" to describe an internship you had at a publishing house. Put both the internship title and the company name in bold lettering on a single line.


One line below the job title and company name, list some of the activities that you did while at the internship. Depending on the style of your resume, you may choose to list the activities in bullet list form, or in a simple one or two-sentence paragraphs. Try to be as clear and concise as possible, listing the skills that are most relevant to the job for which you are now applying. This may mean you need to review the job description for the current job so you know exactly what the employer is looking for; then be sure to mention any similar experiences you had during your internship. If you accomplished anything significant, such as helping the company meet a significant sales goal or publishing your own magazine article, be sure to mention that, as well.


For each internship, the last thing you should list is the dates you completed the internship, using the month and year format. Since internships typically only last a few months, it's important to include the month. And since you've already established in the job title that this was an internship, you will likely avoid the risk of looking like a "job hopper," advises Monster Resume Expert Kim Isaacs.

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