Sending a Farewell Message to Coworkers

Be careful when writing a farewell message to your coworkers.
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Leaving a job can be a bittersweet experience. You might be looking forward to new challenges with a different company or some other endeavor. At the same time, you'll probably miss some of the colleagues you're leaving behind. Your history with the company may have been filled with many ups and downs, and you probably want to bid one last adieu. It can be very useful, especially from an emotional sense, to write all of your coworkers a nice farewell note to say goodbye and to leave a positive impression on them.

Close Friends

    Include your closest work friends in a single letter or email. Keep the tone of this note positive since it will be a part of what many of these friends remember you by. Regardless of how you feel about your former managers or company, avoid slamming them since doing so serves no useful purpose. If you are leaving because of a negative circumstance, chances are your coworkers have already heard your side of the story anyway. Let everyone know you enjoyed working with them. Share a couple of favorite memories. Be sure to provide contact information such as your personal email address and, if you have it, your email address at your new company. Ask for their contact information, if you do not already have it, so you can stay in touch.

All Colleagues

    Send a blanket email to all your coworkers -- even those you don't like -- that tells them you are leaving, when your last day is, and a note of appreciation for the time you worked with them. Briefly mention why you are leaving, but keep the reason general and positive. If you are leaving for another job, for example, you can say you are pursuing new professional challenges and leave it at that. Again, avoid saying anything negative about your manager or employer since you want to leave on a high note and this letter could end up in your personnel file. You don't want to risk a bad reference by being snarky in your farewell message.

The Boss

    Send a cordial farewell note to your manager even if you are leaving on less-than-stellar terms. Thank her for the opportunity to work with her and grow professionally under her leadership. Do not dwell on any negative events that might have led to your decision to leave. Your boss may be asked to give a reference in the future so it is important to keep your message upbeat and friendly. Give her your contact information and invite her to stay in touch. If applicable, let her know that if situations ever change, you would be open to returning to work with the company.

Other Considerations

    Some people will remember you a few years from now by what you write in your farewell message, so be professional and courteous. If you are going to use humor, keep it clean and appropriate. If applicable, let your coworkers know who will be taking over your responsibilities by writing something like "Direct all calls to Ms. Jones from my last day forward."

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