How to Get Rid of a Flabby Tummy Using a Torso Slider

Banish the tummy flab by including cardio with Torso Slider exercises.
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Always fighting that darned midsection means looking for additional ways to work the flab off your tummy. If you've grown bored with basic ab exercises such as situps and crunches, investing in ab-focused equipment such as a Torso Slider might be tempting. Although many pieces of equipment that concentrate on one body part are overhyped, the Torso Slider is one that, when used as part of an overall fitness regimen, actually works. It's how the equipment works to extend your body while engaging the core muscles of your abs and even your lats that makes this effective ab workout gear.

How to Use a Torso Slider

Step 1

Kneel on the floor, using the workout mat to cushion your knees, with the Torso Slider in front of you.

Step 2

Lean forward, bending at the waist, and grasp the handles on either side of the Torso Slider. Your arms should be extended.

Step 3

Move your torso forward to roll the Torso Slider away from you. Your body will start to straighten, and you should concentrate on keeping your arms and back straight and not allowing your legs to move other than straightening at your hips.

Step 4

Extend your body forward as far as you comfortably can, then draw the Torso Slider back toward your body, to return to the starting position.

Incorporating the Torso Slider Into Your Ab Workout

Step 1

Exercise your abs two or three times a week, leaving at least a day between your ab workouts.

Step 2

Perform sets of the Torso Slider exercise along with other ab movements such as crunches, planks, situps, hanging kneeups and bridges. Do three sets of 15 to 20 reps of each exercise.

Step 3

Do a cardio workout four or five times a week for 20 to 45 minutes. Examples of aerobic exercises you could do include rowing, biking, running, swimming or climbing on the stair stepper.

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