Correct Breathing When Using the Ab Wheel

Breathing correctly will help you achieve the best results with your ab wheel.
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The ab wheel is an excellent addition to your home workout equipment. It's small, affordable and works the entire abdominal complex. Because the ab roller doesn't tone your muscles all on its own, you need to master using it with the correct form for results. This includes adopting the proper breathing sequence.

    Step 1

    Kneel down and place the ab roller in front of you. Put both hands on the ab roller and steadily roll it away from your body until your body is extended as far as possible without touching the floor. Breathe in deeply and slowly through your nose throughout the entire rolling motion.

    Step 2

    Exhale as you roll the wheel back toward your knees, tightening your upper and lower ab muscles the entire time. Breathe through your nose, exhaling slowly and deeply throughout this motion.

    Step 3

    Breathe steadily if you are doing a plank exercise with your ab wheel. The plank exercise is when you roll the ab wheel away from your body and hold the extended position for up to 90 seconds. When using the ab roller in this way, you will breath in steadily as you roll the ab wheel away from you and exhale as you pull it back toward your body to finish the exercise. Inhale and exhale deeply and steadily through your nose as you hold the plank position.


    • Don't hold your breath when using the ab roller as your muscles need oxygen to exercise efficiently.


    • Do not use the ab roller if you have back problems as the exercises could aggravate your condition.

    Things You'll Need

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