How to Get Results From a Leg Magic Exercise Machine

You can do dozens of leg and core workouts with the Leg Magic.
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To get results from exercise, you should have both the right attitude and the right equipment. The Leg Magic exercise machine may be the right for you if you're looking for a workout that focuses on toning and strengthening your lower body. With determination, you will see results from using the Leg Magic machine within weeks.

Step 1

Adjust the height of the handlebar to assure correct posture and maximum exercise efficiency. You can change the handlebar height by loosening the knob on the handlebar assembly and moving the handlebar up or down. Tighten the knob to secure the handlebar once it is at waist height.

Step 2

Perform a warm up exercise, such as walking, for five to ten minutes before beginning.

Step 3

Stretch gently for five to ten minutes before using the Leg Magic. Include stretches that target your quads, back, triceps and hamstrings. Doing so limits the chance that you will get injured during your exercise program.

Step 4

Perform the exercises in the Leg Magic instructional guide two to three days per week for the first four weeks. There are 12 exercises in the Leg Magic system, including squats, lunges, crunches and inner thigh exercises.

Step 5

Start with an exercise session that lasts five to 15 minutes for the first two weeks of your Leg Magic program. After two weeks, increase the duration of your workouts from ten to 20 minutes per session for the next four weeks.

Step 6

Increase the frequency and duration of your Leg Magic workouts after the first six weeks. Gradually increase use of the Leg Magic system from three to six times per week, and increase the length of your sessions from 20 to 35 minutes per day.

Step 7

Combine your Leg Magic workout with a healthy eating regimen and other cardiovascular activities.

Step 8

Keep a log of your workout schedule, goals and results. Written documentation is very important for sticking to your plan, because it helps you track how much progress you've made and keeps your goals in mind.

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