Resistance Cord Stomach Workouts

Resistance cords are versatile and affordable.
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Fitting in a gym workout isn't always convenient. Eating three square meals a day may be considered lucky when balancing a career and home life. So let's face it, exercise has to fit into your life, not fight against it. However, if you're watching your abs morph into a jiggle blob, it's time to grab the resistance cords. With these flexible, rubber cords, you can tone your abs, even on the go.


    Hollywood actresses flaunt their picture-perfect abs on and off screen, making us want their cellulite-free mid-sections. Now Equinox Fitness Club instructor Linda Rue says it's possible. Rue's routine,"Core-Sculpting Resistance Workout," featured on "Fitness" magazine, combines eight moves using a chair and the resistance cord. One move, the tubing half-teaser, simulates a half-rollup with a twist. First, fold your cord in half. Then lie on your back with your left knee bent. Extend your right leg and stretch the cord around your foot's arch. Using both hands, grab onto the cord at each end holding tightly. Tighten your abs and pull your torso from the floor. Remain here for one to three seconds, then lie back and do eight more before switching legs.

Two-Week Abs

    If your midsection needs quick toning, fitness expert Tom Seaborne's three-move, two-week plan may be up your alley. Seaborne's routine, in "Fitness" magazine's "Flatter Abs in 2 Weeks," includes a variation on the traditional crunch and scissors. While the first two exercises don't use the resistance cord, Seaborne's last exercise delivers. Lie down and bend your knees. Then position the cord so it's lying on top of your shins. Grip the ends of the cord, placing your arms next to your sides. Exhale and bring your legs up to your chest. Pause when your hips come off the floor and count to three. Return to start and do two sets of 10 repetitions.

Ab-Toning Resistance Workout

    Whether you have a resistance cord or band, master trainer Amy Dixon will have your stomach tight with her five-exercise routine. Dixon uses moves like the Russian twist, and the knee pulls to work your abs, obliques and even your glutes. If you're considering trying this workout, begin with the torso twist. Stand on the middle of the cord with your feet hip-width apart. Taking the ends, keep your arms tuck to your side as you bring your hands to your shoulders. Twist your torso from left to right, pausing in the center. Do three sets of 12 to 15 reps.

15-Minute Resistance Workout

    If you're still in a hurry, turn to fitness instructor Jessica Smith's quick resistance band workout. Smith "Fitness" magazine workout also has five moves to cinch your waistline. The routine includes exercises that work the whole body while targeting the abs. Her back zips do just that. Stand with your shoulders back and toes pointed out. Loop the cord around your wrists and extend your arms in front of you. Stretch the cord as you pull your arms apart. Hold this for one second and release before complete 15 repetitions.

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