How to Reapply for a Postal Service Exam

If you miss your scheduled exam time, you'll have to reapply for the job.
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The United States Postal Service exam, also known as Test 473, is an exam given to everyone who applies for an entry-level job with the USPS. When you apply for a job on the USPS website, the system automatically schedules you to take Test 473. If you miss your scheduled appointment to take the test, the USPS will not consider you for that particular job at that time.

Test 473

    Test 473 is an aptitude and characteristic test that screens applicants for entry-level positions, such as city carriers, mail handlers, mail processing clerks and service, sales and distribution associates. To pass the test and qualify for a position you must receive a minimum score of 70. Depending on the position and time left to apply, you must take the test within a specific timeframe, which you'll learn once you finish your application.

Rescheduling Test 473

    If you miss your scheduled time to take Test 473, you'll have to reapply for the position. Visit the USPS website and click "Careers" at the bottom of the page. Search the online database for the job you want to apply for and complete the application again. Follow the on-screen instructions to schedule a new date to take the test.

Preparing for Test 473

    Test 473 has five parts -- address checking, forms completion, coding, memory and personal characteristics and experience inventory, which should take about two hours to complete. To prepare for the test, the USPS suggests you review the orientation guide several days before the test, which you should receive one week before your scheduled time. The night before the test, get a good night's sleep, and eat a light, nutritious meal right before taking the test.

Your Score

    Once you finish the test, the USPS will correct it and email your results to the address you provided when you applied for the position. If you pass with a score of 70 or higher, the USPS places your name on an entrance register. Passing the test doesn't guarantee you'll get the job -- it just qualifies you to continue with the hiring process.

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