How to Quit a Dangerous Job Due to Pregnancy

It's important you take care of yourself at work while pregnant.
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For most pregnant women, you can remain on the job throughout your entire pregnancy as long as you're healthy and your doctor doesn't restrict you from activities connected with your job. If you work in a dangerous job that could pose health risks to both you and your baby, however, you should quit your job or ask to move to a new position. Examples of dangerous jobs include working with harsh chemicals or heavy lifting on a regular basis. It may be necessary to quit to protect your health and that of your unborn baby.

Step 1

Speak to your boss about quitting your job due to dangerous conditions. He may not realize you have a concern. Ask if there's any alternative work for you while you're pregnant. Many times, employers will make an accommodation for you if they really don't want to lose you. If the company knows you're going to quit due to unsafe conditions, it may move you to a different position or shift job responsibilities.

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Give the company notice of when you're going to quit. According to US News & World Report, professional standards require that you give two weeks’ notice. Anything less can harm your reputation, and you may end up not getting a good reference when you go to apply for another job. Be as honest and sincere as you can be, and work as hard as you normally would up until you leave. This will help ensure that the company and your co-workers will have good memories about you.

Step 3

Resign from your job quietly. Your first instinct may be to announce your unemployment on Facebook and other social network sites, but it's best if you tell close family and friends personally. If you need the job back after you have the baby, it may be harder if everyone knows how glad you were when you left. This is especially true if you're friends with your co-workers.

Step 4

Find something to do with your time after you quit. If your doctor has given you permission to work and you don't want to go home and sit on your couch all day, ask around to find a part-time job. You can also apply with temporary agencies, which can match you with a safe job up until you deliver.

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