Quick Upper-Body Dumbbell Workout for Women

Use dumbbells for a workout even when you're short on time.
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It's important for your overall health to devote time to your body's needs. But sometimes, you only have time for a quickie. A quick workout, that is. The time constraints of work, family and school can make it quite difficult to devote hours to hitting the gym, but don't despair. You can still sculpt your arms, shoulders and the rest of your upper body with brief workouts, as long as you choose the right exercises. By using dummbells for a series of no-fuss moves, you can get an effective, quick workout in at home or at the gym.

Shoulder Exercises

Although your shoulders aren't home to the most visible muscles in every outfit, your deltoids and rotator cuffs are involved in nearly every movement of your upper body. Unfortunately, some shoulder exercises aren't conducive to quickness, and some, such as the dumbbell pull-over, require extra equipment that you'll have to set up and put away. Kick off your workout with quick shoulder exercises such as the overhead press, front raise and upright row. These help create efficient workouts because they also work other upper body muscles.

Triceps Exercises

Working your triceps is also important; these muscles make up about two-thirds of the total muscle mass of your upper arm. Thus, the key to sexy and strong arms lies with these muscles. To quickly get your triceps in motion, perform overhead presses, triceps kickbacks and the overhead triceps lift. Avoid the triceps bench press, as that exercise requires a bench and a spotter. Also, because it involves lying down, it takes a while to change weights if you need to.

Biceps Exercises

Although your biceps constitute less of your upper arm mass than your triceps, you shouldn't skip these muscles in your quick workouts. Making time for your biceps will help your arms look toned and will also help you perform everyday activities such as picking things up. The dumbbell biceps curl and bent-over row will both help you tone your biceps in no time.

Back Exercises

Your back features a number of muscle groups that help you maintain your goddesslike posture and provide strength when playing sports, to name a few roles. The upright row, bent-over row and dumbbell deadlift will help you target your upper and lower back in very little time. These exercises also help strengthen your shoulders and biceps, making them keys for efficient upper-body workouts.

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