Qualities of a Good Recruiter

Successful recruiters are likable and personable.
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Effective recruiters are excellent communicators and get along with most anyone. A successful recruiter knows where to go to find top candidates. You won't be the person that just sits on her booty as you log into career websites and conduct computer searches; you use all the tools available including cold calling, networking and social media to find the best-qualified talent for your clients or employer.


The qualities of a good recruiter make her approachable by most anyone; a successful recruiter genuinely enjoys people and feels comfortable working with people from multiple backgrounds. You need to be personable and easy to talk to on multiple subjects, drawing people in and putting them at ease. You are responsive by phone or e-mail to queries from all of your clients and recruits. Finally, you recognize that being friendly is the best way to get candidates talking about themselves, so you can match them with the right employer and vice versa.

Good Listener

Another quality of a good recruiter is that she has good listening skills. You don't talk over other people or preempt them when they are speaking. You take the time to ferret out valuable information from your clients and job candidates by providing a sympathetic ear. Your excellent listening skills make you able to recognize and find potential job candidates.

Self Discipline

A successful recruiter is self disciplined and has excellent follow-through skills, and uses all of the tools available to stay on top of job prospects and candidates -- but at the same time is not overpowered by them. For example, you make a point to keep a daily task list and cross off items as you complete them or use your computer's calendar to remind yourself of things that need immediate attention. Successful recruiters can prioritize daily tasks, eliminating unnecessary items.

Sales Skills

Recruiters also require polished sales skills because so much of what they do involves selling. As a successful recruiter, you "sell" jobs to potential candidates and sell candidates to her corporate clients or employers, realizing that making a sale involves matching the right candidate with the right job.

Relationship Cultivation

The best recruiters cultivate relationships everywhere, knowing that networking will put you in touch with a variety of people and companies. To have success in this field, you need to think "big" and realize that every person you meet could be a potential client in the future as a job candidate or corporate client.

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