Pushups for Breast Firmness

The muscle is under your breasts, not in them.
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Two sure-fire ways to firm your breasts is to get pregnant or gain weight. Your breasts are made up mostly of glands and fat, so expanding either should fill out the saggy areas. What your breasts don't contain is muscle -- not a bit. Consequently, no exercise will make soft breasts firm. However, working the muscles beneath and around the breasts can change the appearance of your chest area, which can lead to a sexier look in a bathing suit or low-cut number.

Bodybuilder Boobs

    Check out a photo of the young Arnold Schwarzenegger in his classic bodybuilder pose. You'll see washboard abs and bulging biceps, along with firm breasts. While Mr. S would probably blush at the image of his chest in a low-cut dress, the same muscles that provide that lifted and separated look -- the pecs -- reside not in, but under, your own boobs. Building those muscles, then, can lift and separate your breasts as well.

Classic Breasts Pushups

    Since pushups are the classic pec exercise, that makes it a great breast exercise as well. The standard position -- a plank with your toes on the floor -- works your entire pectoralis major with a focus on the sternal, or lower, pecs. Make sure to keep your hands just wider than your shoulders. Moving your hands closer puts more emphasis on the triceps at the back of your arms, which are also important, but you can work those separately.

Sexy Clavicle Moves

    To really finish off that low-cut look, prop your feet on a step that inclines your body at about 45 degrees. This emphasizes the clavicular, or upper, pecs. In other words, the area around your collar bone. Supporting your feet on a stability ball, instead of a step, and holding a plank every five pushups adds a core workout. Or trim your waist as you firm your boobs, by alternating with stability ball pikes that target your transverse abdominis.

Last But Not Less

    If you can't manage more than one or two standard pushups, start on your hands and knees or even against a wall. In both cases, make sure your head, back and pelvis are aligned and your hands are slightly more than shoulder-width apart. Start with straight arms and bend at your elbows until you feel a pulling in your chest. Then push up to the starting position. Work up to two sets of 15 or one set of 25 before progressing to the more challenging position.

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